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freight sex predator

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  1. freight sex predator

    Metal Heads been slow...

    man I wish trains still got painted that way,pure quality.
  2. freight sex predator

    klanville easter bench #1

    fuk that that aint the real peak!
  3. freight sex predator


    some much style!! that black book steez up there is roasting half the kids on this forum,straight up!
  4. freight sex predator

    Southern Colorado Benching

    do my eyes deceive me? an 06 focus,and drone? holy old school fre8 painters batman!
  5. freight sex predator


    those jsen and kraze's look nice! that sloke is off the fukin chain! outlawz is still around? old skoo...hey j hit me up!!!!!!!
  6. freight sex predator


    for the record a2m shit rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!!and sick ass post,nothin beats those 90's fre8 golden years!
  7. freight sex predator

    Chaos in Tejas

    bump that easr piece......
  8. freight sex predator


    who is that fake ass gay jerms????? you ever heard of jerms a2m??????
  9. freight sex predator

    Chaos in Tejas

    hey le-roy trv,how are you gonna go over a sick ass peice with that? .....at least buff the goddamn wall first! kids need to learn the rules of the game and some Graffitti Ettiquete. (damn I know I spelled that wrong)
  10. freight sex predator

    My Flicks form the last decade (both coasts n b tween

    graff the way it should be done! damn I miss the 90's.....before quality went out the window,sien5,pre,and many more....kings of the rails!
  11. freight sex predator

    The White Ones

    erupt,ven,utah represent!! aware big ups
  12. freight sex predator

    Austin Texas benching

    unfortunately this is a true statement!
  13. freight sex predator

    Going once, going twice, going thrice

    dope stuff.some oldy but goodys...emer,drone,sien5,clown,fokis,man too many to name.that early 90's graff is still killin em ya heard!
  14. freight sex predator

    Ooogy Wawa

    yo where were these caught? I just flicked that radio peice in texas.theres a goner peice on the other side.
  15. freight sex predator

    some recent some not#1

    arys and when run them tropicanas!