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  1. trash, SMASH, smash, TRASH,  That last one is a follower. It's like she wants to be cool naked and all but at the same time hides her nipples and tries to hide behind the shades in shame. Still Smash though.


  2. didnt get in trouble but i think its worth sharing.


    I work at an elementary supervising kids, translating, handling supplies, you name it.

    My buddy is the p.e. coach.


    I'm in the cafeteria for the 1st and Kinder kids' lunch. When those crazy kids get me tired I normally go to the front of the cafeteria which is also the auditorium equipped with a stage and I tell the kids through the microphone to get ready, quiet down, sit dow or whatever.


    There's this chick(let's say her name is Amber) that has been going to help coach with the kids in order to get units to graduate from college.


    So this day I'm at the front of the cafeteria , mic in hand giving the kids instructions.

    Coach walks in to where i'm at. We conversate and I'm talkin back and forth with him and the kids on the mic succesfully turning off the microphone when talking to him and back on when talking to the kids. I'm like "hey let's run a train on Amber"

    he's like "ok I call the pussy"

    then I slipped, turned the mic back on and said "ok I call her mouth"


    Coach immediately starts laughing , luckily the kids were wilding out and the other coworkers there were busy with them that noone but coach and I know what happened.


    cool-story bro!

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