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  1. nice ^^^^ betta get them flix quick,ironlak fades
  2. not bad 90s still looking str8 ruuuuuuuuuuuuuusto
  3. Mone by TrueBlueTwo, on Flickr
  4. TAG Exhibition April 2009 - iz the wiz / duro / t-kid / butch 2 by Edwin Bartlett, on Flickr
  5. T-Kid custom mini train by SOYAL GALLERY SCOTTSDALE, on Flickr
  6. THE TERRIBLE TKID by toxic waste dump, on Flickr
  7. "Sicks GS Ridle" by FR8 ADDICT, on Flickr
  8. it's ol skool nite live on 12oz on w e e d radio
  9. ... by mrdepot, on Flickr RYONE TO THE LEFT
  10. Weed Heads by www.jatinderchanna.com, on Flickr
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