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  1. kwest kills shit,always on point
  2. that shank tubs is on fiya
  3. Komik


    ces kills shit,he should do more freights
  4. Komik


    wrong dumb ass. That's a fake site.That shit leather dye
  5. Komik


    Found that candy site haaaaaa haaaaaaa
  6. Komik


    don't know it. Ded,oink,gk,krink.junobo are good as well.If I knew the site,I would post it.Dam what people say.If you goto bombingscience.com new jersey thread,this cat from Wallnuts crew demerok,has some new ink.
  7. Komik


    you can't make candy there is no recipe,yes you have to get it from a website.They call it candy,but thats not the real name.There's a flick of it on bombscience tools and tips inks on 422 or around there.People have found the site.No, I don't know it.
  8. Komik


    keep this thread going
  9. Nice find on that BLES/TLOK.That ISTO is on fire.Bump 4 faves/gs/smash
  10. reup,glue,gs,base,sigh,harsh,brizo,and navy8 nice post
  11. Komik

    Sento - TFP

    Re: sento zed are you miami or do you trade with someone there?That Sento was done in miami with stak
  12. Some people say VIRUS IS TARS.Their handstyle are alike.
  13. Komik

    new yes2

    If you watch videograff,there is another yes.He's painting a train and his buddy fliming says "yo Jay,train coming from the other side bro.I don't think thats yes2.The throwups are not the same style.
  14. Re: American WholeCar thread... GIGSTER coming correct.
  15. Willing to trade US FREIGHTS for EUROPEAN TRAINS.Also looking for NewYork walls and freights of course.
  16. That's what's great about internet,you can goto another site and take a photo and post it on 12oz.Take credit for it like if it was your own pic. DO YOUR OWN BENCHING
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