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  1. ^^^ THATS NO EXCUSE,The arek looks way better then that house.People know about Arek ba, causethey catch his pieces, but who is house?
  2. too bad you couldn't get a better shot of the dego.
  3. you got some nice catches on there.
  4. I'll take the tress u keep the heroin
  5. Komik


    good post.Post more
  6. token killin it with the sick fills
  7. skem,sicks,the rail box with the impala,n kerse
  8. back then niggas said fresh,now they say yo that shit issssssss dope yo.
  9. the grainer with the bong is on point.
  10. If that's the real Kwest,it must be 1 of his first fr8s.Unless it's an imposter.
  11. Isto lurking through the over grown grass
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