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  1. shibbmeister

    Most Played Song on your Ipod

    Check out your itunes and post the song with the most plays. Dont be embarrassed you secret miley cyrus types.
  2. shibbmeister

    invest in some brain food

    damn kids are tryna grill me eh? is this 4chan?
  3. shibbmeister

    invest in some brain food

    come on bros. lets not be trolls :)
  4. shibbmeister

    invest in some brain food

    Coming home around this time every night all burnt out my only options are game all night, sit on the computer, or pass the fuck out. Well, Mr fucking insomnia,or some shit,over here chooses to game all night and sleep the afternoons out. Until friends are tryna chill. Rinse and Repeat. Every week... I feel like its time to balance out the drugs with a little good ol' fashion reading and what not. Could anyone recommend me some knowledge bro? Books, Documentaries, Forum Posts. Lets go brah!
  5. shibbmeister

    Official toy battle thread

    ill post a throwie later.
  6. shibbmeister

    You Seeked,,,

    Undercover imo
  7. shibbmeister

    You Seeked,,,

    ttckillin Newbie ttckillin is about to be banned Posts: 8 Join Date: Dec 2006 Status: Offline Default you seeked - 11-26-2009, 03:10 PM you seeked some1 that had answers. i seeked some1 that needed answers. we attracked on another. add me on msn, i can enlighten you brother. spic_maddness@hotmail.com
  8. shibbmeister


    good shit, keep it up.
  9. shibbmeister

    The Law of Attraction.

    Success within the arts, I want to go somewhere with it. It's my only reasonable future with my past. Scholarships are way out of the conversation. I fucked that up long ago. I can barely keep myself together to even stay in school. It's just not my environment to evolve in. I would rather go to school for a trait. I would rather be studying about science, sociology, psychology, and all the human fundamentals. I actually was in the process of trying to find L because of the self realization stage. IF you comprehende.
  10. shibbmeister

    The Law of Attraction.

    Lounging on this fine Sunday night. I decided to intensify the environment and alter brain waves. Three percs later... I began to think about my life. The questions I find myself stuck trying to answer are killing me. Life is definitely a roller coaster of emotion and actions. I wonder to myself how I am going to make a steady living doing things I enjoy. Love isn't my passion. My passion is Art. Add or take away the skill levels of an individual. If you believe art is you. Act upon it. Explore your mind. Through it. but sometimes I wish art could take me up and beyond the pen and paper. I wonder to myself. If I will make it. This is me speaking, well the not sober me. Just exploring vocabulary. I want to open my mind. I want to feed my brain. I want to open impossible doors. I need success. success I stress. stress makes me anxious, aniexty kicks in. Negative thoughts flow, unequally. naturaully. unhealthy. It drives me crazy. I need answers. FIX ME http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_Attraction
  11. shibbmeister


    ha good shit
  12. shibbmeister


    ha! what turned you off!? was it the size!? mwaha
  13. shibbmeister

    The Official 12oz. Exchange Thread

    anyone wanna help me with my unfinished wu375. rip off the Watson 375 aka Generic Vicodin.
  14. shibbmeister


    just off the top of my mind. anyone wanna try and help me? ha just trying to create a Wu375 rip off the Watson375 (generic Vicodin). bored times. I use my mouse. I wish I had a drawing pad.