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  1. that skull fill is fucking ridiculous.
  2. yeah, most of em are really old. i still find them amusing though... especially the "no need to like it, just respect it" one. my goodness i was horrific.
  3. some of those are probably re-posts.
  4. and i agree with doobiedoo on the inversed shit.
  5. history battle: limil <-freshest shit ive seen in a while lamp <-yes, my handstyle sucks skirmfirm
  6. yeah, see, i dont think thats dope... at all.
  7. i was just curious, i didnt mean to imply you cheated, in fact, thats a dope idea. i dont think using photoshop is cheating anyway, computers cant create style.
  8. did you inverse it in photoshop or something?
  9. that mothforwar handstyle is fucking sick.
  10. here are the results for the mouse battle: super nintendo chalmers - 15 edogg - 11 5 of clubs - 10 romser - 9 baron - 5 msrip - 2 LAMP -23,345,365,332,873,465,172,351,223,762,542 !!!!!
  11. since there were only two entries to the history battle its extended till next friday, thats the 15th or 16th so everyone has another week. ----- limil that character is fresh.
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