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  1. why is there no SEIZE in here???? dude is one of the original members of CSN, if you all want some flicks of his shit on here i'll post em up
  2. yea Anti is my dude, one of my favorite writers in the state and he consistently kills everywhere, kills trains more than anyone i know....the crews that get up the most and stay consistently fresh here are mainly AKA (Anti's crew) and JGK...if you ever think of those names lemme know id like to know whos shit you saw, and if u ever make your way back to WV hit me up on a PM, sorry your experience was so bad here, peace
  3. i'll be on the lookout for that metal, theres some wack writers in this state, yes, but there are wack writers everywhere.....you all would be surprised by how much talent there is here for real, don't put down every writer in the state just because u met a few "nazi toys", who were they?
  4. haha yea man I don't know how to read when dude said he was guna do a lot of painting while in WV.... you all are really ignorant, open your eyes WV isn't the complete shithole you all think it is. If you wana see some real West Virginia graff then let me know because you will be in for a pleasant surprise.
  5. wheres all the painting you did in West Virginia SPECTR?????? i live in WV and i don't see your shit anywhere, where's it at?


    lil' bomb by me, KRYM.... JGK-GPS WEST VIRGINIA
  7. DYSE from west virginia
  8. Re: 1980 HEIST 2005 rest in peace!!! R.I.P. Heist done by OZKER RA from West Virginia
  9. here in West Virginia we see all of the Virginia shit like SIGH, BONK, LYES, PHONE, ZEKE, etc. but do you all see any west virginia shit such as ANTI run through virginia?
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