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Everything posted by cannagrafic

  1. theres some nice flix in here. thanks for something to look at right now!! get laid
  2. checkout the BME pain olympics
  3. self promos suck especially when thats all your posting! lamer p.s. when you suck at graff it makes it SUCK EVEN MORE
  4. sorry im not posting a flick, but where the hell did that deer come from in the last picture
  5. wow a lotta oldies in here, good to see some of these. thanks for posting
  6. im so fuckedup.goooooddddd
  7. very nicely shown. some funky cars and panels in there fo sho
  8. all stolen, thank the railfans
  9. damn did i fuck up this site with that long flick?
  10. I better be careful what I say this time, guuuu might come out of the dead and call me names. Found some old flix some are mine and some are stolen, credit to the photographers, i don't remember who's is who's.
  11. cool stuff, tc cats appriciate all the flix man.
  12. goooood post, it was enjoyed nice shots in there
  13. god dammit lep always says what i am going to!!
  14. Re: American WholeCar thread... kinda...
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