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  1. interrupter! haha jk. cool spot and im done.
  2. sorry some got auto resized for some reason.....
  3. ...preferably in a residential area. Got some old shots i finally finished up ready to post. I think theres 80 of them. Yo, yo my bud'll do ya Method Man constant drug abuser Occasional boozer And I'm slick as Rick the Ruler I piss in the sewer Underground man, I spits manure
  4. This is crazy. just found out about this, theres better flix too
  5. I think marijuana is just natures way of sayin' HIGH
  6. I haven't had too much of a problem using these caps its just that they are so runny. drip city. I prefer rusto regular stocks easily
  7. ^ but they can lie about it. You had weapons or you tried to attack them and they shot you. Look at how tie died, you need to remember a lot of these people absolutely hate graffiti.
  8. good post.. i wonder what kind of caps kerse uses?
  9. a few of these guys are rockin freights hard, good things
  10. ahh, has to be one of my favorite cars. I don't see tooo much of them though.
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