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Everything posted by cannagrafic

  1. I want to move to canada some day. canada rox
  2. nobody knows those answers so its not worth asking. It is time to live with that cap system for now. for shits sake there is still a lot of other options out there. I am going to guess that MOST of you are toys anyways
  3. thanks for sharing. good post. that drips does have doctor sex similarities, i don't care though.
  4. Thanks for sharing everything. Theres some really cool cars and panels in here.
  5. some cool beans in there. humpty dumpty
  6. BUMP!!! gotta bump with a flick or 2 though, id hate to disappoint someone
  7. haha this is pretty old though. good some who haven't see it enjoy though.
  8. very good stuff thanks for sharing
  9. the 4 S's there are comin correct
  10. good post kerse up the ass. oh yeah, post quicker, and im guessing this is from canada
  11. interesting,I don't prefer videos but its better than nothing and you put work into it. Coolstuff, that sever meh would be crazy full quality
  12. that cold train shirt is fucking dope
  13. that looks like some regs mr.green ehehe
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