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Everything posted by cannagrafic

  1. Wow, as I was scrolling down this post, I thought to myself "Is this happening??" Where ever your spot is, you are very lucky.
  2. Wowow givers and takers, credit cats
  3. nice post, thanks for sharing.
  4. Wow this is really cool. Thanks for sharing. That kuma is funny bbunny dunny
  5. good post, you can post more than one flick per post though.
  6. ...nice thread... Canada puttin the can in da hand and making it visible
  7. You're going to piss a lot of people off with this thread.... You have to go into your USER CP and then theres an invites link.
  8. nice photography, it makes it a lot better. merry christmas! heh
  9. my eyes hurt. i saw some cool mber panels though and that heat istos
  10. Hmmm... a good safe thing that helps are some melatonin pills. You can get them at a lot of places, drug stores and gnc i believe. I heard they help.
  11. You guys stepped up your game, and stepped up your lame!! hahahahahaa just kiddin'
  12. are those aa cans colored on the top by the person or the company?
  13. weird, i had a feeling that link was gonna be to that video. I don't know any others, sorry
  14. looks like a lot of motion in the ocean
  15. nice goooodddd shit that armh is great
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