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  1. you got a new camera........phone?
  2. got a buncha fools on here.
  3. this is funny, lets get them bars, and stay away from being behind them.
  4. props! give and receive bitches, mutual funhouse
  5. aww. nice shooting there. pretty good day for that :cool: thanks for sharing
  6. Ha hello brothers and sisters. I am in the same boat. sometimes mealtonin helps me...you can buy it at gnc
  7. wow some really cool ones in here, glad i looked through them. thanks
  8. sweet dixie land? haha nice post. thanks for sharing
  9. If you don't want a lot of people hyping about these, and by people I guess I mean toys, A good start is deleting this thread. Not instructing anyone though. I love these cars.
  10. Re: To all of you that paint in freezing conditions... dammit i thought i was gonna see a fresh bench report! drink more!
  11. I've seen that meero over quite a few undeserved panels now. This post has golden wests up the asshole. thanks for the huge sharing.
  12. Re: some TEXAS benching!!! I was thinkin the same thing
  13. feed me autoracks and maybe some csx waffles for the hell of it
  14. Wow, this is weird, I was sitting at a stoplight tonight and I witnessed a drunk driver take out a stop light pole and go up on the curb 4 feet from a house in the snow. If it was summer/spring this drunk bitch would have hit the house too. She couldn't walk away from the car without falling. I was angered.
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