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  1. this eak guy looks pretty sub par... im surprised nobody in this thread has been bitching. Is he some og or something?
  2. more stolen freight photos :-\ credit to who knows, i saved them drunk.
  3. lotta those railboxes need to get re-smashed. good post doe.
  4. some good shit thanks for sharing
  5. those treasure island billboards are clownski. I always see chinooks over there..weird. i bet it feels dope to spot a bunch of one's panels in one days work.
  6. what happened to the other panel with the bingoe?
  7. all union pacific lines up in the bitch!
  8. this thread defeats the purpose of "props" ha. oontz junkies
  9. You don't need to shake those dry ice bombs, but you do need to add some water. I've made a bunch of those, the dry ice bombs sound like m-80s and shred those bottles.
  10. ^^^these are fucking awesome, so fucking loud. I believe i have some pics to share... second two were mine.. samurai hunters are some of the best class C rockets ever.
  11. cannagrafic

    Art Primo

    so is oink ltd a good site then? I noticed they seem to have some cheap paint prices compared to others..
  12. there was some goodies in here
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