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  1. i thought about that once...no clue though
  2. 3 full cans 3 half empties, caps, dead animals, switch checkers, many skunks that scared me and probably more that i can't think of
  3. not a lot, but a good amount since wisconsin is right nextdoor
  4. lol my camera is a few years old im sorry, tryin to help the community though
  5. These were all caught recently rolling through the twin cities. I apologize ahead of time for the blurryness and shittyness of some, I haven't done this often. enjoy thanks.
  6. i thought nail polish remover was acetone?
  7. the title of this thread fits me perfectly right now
  8. go simpler, better letter structure is needed. solid straight letters with a little funk will look better than that anyway day, no offence.
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