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  1. A Non open top woodchip gondola..interesting.
  2. St. Ides isn't beer, its malt liquor. get it right. Somone else said it, you can't go wrong with a 40 of OE.
  3. ^haha thats true. funny ass shit.
  4. http://www.hiphoptrade.com/ :confused: I recently came across this site and was looking through some of the stuff they have on there and it is pretty ridiculous. The prices look too good to be true, which made me believe it was fake or counterfeit clothing. I searched up google and didn't finch much about it except the fact that one clothing website lists it as non genuine clothing. Also on wikianswers somebody said they are 'letgit' but the clothes arent. Has anyone on here had any experience with this site? or would like to try? ;) I know some of you want those kanye west shoes they got on there.
  5. nice shots. That old nehi stalk mrl is a nice find.
  6. looks like this thread is coming along nicely now..
  7. wow you caught a lot of buick! Just saw a few of those simplots roll through minneapolis today.
  8. you could paint some bad ass huge pieces at that first spots ledge wow, looks like its in a trailor park or something too.
  9. My friends roomate from college got a dog.. he left for winter break and he came back and the dog made a nest under his bed, pissed and shit on top of it, shit on the ground, tore his clothes apart. destroyed his room, and his roomate didn't do shit about it. hahahaha thats fucked up!
  10. lotta ignorance in a thread about someone who preaches the opposite.
  11. word to all the old cp boxcars. Nice benching.
  12. short doggs livin way too real
  13. mountain bikes. goood post, 2pagers ftw.
  14. Sweet, was glad to check this out this friday mornin
  15. Is that a buncha toys painting in horse cock's 1st photo?
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