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  1. 4619705905_7eabcc4ae1_b.jpg


    ^whoa whats going on here, randomly found.


    Also FUCK yoker, keep your toy habits off the streets quit blowing up spots!


    Btw. fuck this kid give him no promo in yo dome-o



    I saw this when I woke up, copy and paste this, it's going to take you to google maps, and to the U.K, what you need to do is pan up and look into the sky, directly above, do it now before the CIA cleans all this shit up !!!


    Remember Craw had it first !




    :lol: cleans up the plyers?

  3. I am thinking of making a new thread about experimental cars.


    Basically, most cars when shipped, go loaded one way, empty the other, losing money when they are shipped empty.


    So Burlington Northern designed this car, so that it would go one direction loaded like a boxcar, then, it would be shipped the other direction loaded like a hopper with grain and such. So the floor has holes so you can empty the grain out. Very interesting.


    Does that mean the grain gets potentially dirty or would/do they have to clean it regularly?

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