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Everything posted by tutleone

  1. hey i wanna join one of these shits
  2. that sketch looks pretty good as far as i can see
  3. yo... whats better(dont hate) Dank Sour Reze
  4. does anyone know a website i could look at for like five minutes before i draw... so i can have like some inspiration or sumtin
  5. i admit... im probaly the worst writer out.
  6. ill put some sketches up a lil later
  7. well, i didnt really mean styles..
  8. yo ive been tryin to find a good word because my other shit was too close to someone elses, tell me what you think of: Clap Dank Shok Evot P.S. dont hate... help
  9. tutleone


    im new to this, but my boys have been in it for a while... whenever i think of a word, its always too close to another writer. or it doesnt match up. help me out wit ssome suggestions peace. P.s. dont hate, help
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