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  1. lol you guys are still posting to this shit? Get someone to close it already.
  2. Bad Boys 2 Just because jay and silent bob gets lame after a while but the chicks are hot though, shannon elizabeth, eliza dushku, and that chick from final destination.
  3. I'll exchange with someone I write KliP I can Sketch Something I cant color it in for shit though so yeah. Anyone wanna exhange lemme know
  4. Abstract Rude Aesop Rock Akrobatik Alchemist Binary Star Dead Prez Fort Minor Hieroglyps Ill Bill Jedi Mind Tricks Kreators Krs-One Loop Troop Masta Ace MF Doom MoleMen Murs Pack FM Pumpkin Head Self Scientific Qwel Swollen Members Talib Kweli Task Force Thats Just A Few To Name Cultured Uncensored Hip-Hop.
  5. I'm just saying you needed work, i'll help you as much as I can, but i'm trying to get shadows down to. Its harder with bubbles letters as opposed to straight block busters.
  6. I have titanium pins holding my shin bone and my ankle together. We bought a trampoline out into the road behind parked cars and we bet that I couldnt jump a car and I did busted my shit in the first one but nothing bad so we decided to move it where there was 2 cars I ran I jumped but I landed wrong on the trunk of the 2nd car and my leg just snapped.
  7. I chill at a fucking register and wait for people. I worked at a bar before I was only a barback though, kinda sucked I got fired for serving alcohol because i'm under 21
  8. check out the yellow middle, the bar doesnt line up also it looks the same as a piece from the top. check it out.
  9. I take that back the other pics hadnt loaded.
  10. Thats a kool pic the lack of quality and the amount of rust is a nice touch...
  11. Yeah My Teacher Was Once Talking About How A Lot OF Muslims Invented Things And Then She Like Yeah They Wheir Also The First One Who Thought About Using A Plane As A Weapon.
  12. Old Bastards. This Whole Thread Smells Like Cats And Bengay.
  13. What type of markers do you use?
  14. Why do the black people have hoop earrings? And Why are they wearing 80's clothes? And Why Does The Aerosol Join Up? And How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To A Center Of A Tootsie Pop? But to be honest your going the right direction with the letters, except for the shadows dont match up, and you put extra un-nessessary crap in the "R" and the "E"
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