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Everything posted by ePiKuRiOuS

  1. I've been dyin to get out fam....lets set somethin up romero...im feelin that power....i'll exchange. what you want me to do?
  2. Glad you diggin it bro... Heres a color jam...need to get more prismas...these are maaaaad old and still got juice!
  3. heres a mock....he obviously smashes but whatever power up:
  4. Ayo Mock.... Lets xchange If you down, do a Power and I throw a Mock up
  5. Jeg...thats a bangin idea! Maybe my boy Zero can help me with characters since he is ill with it and ive never threw down on characters Here's some POWER! Play Yard Vandelism! (lol)
  6. uuuugggghhhh...thats why at times I despise this forum...people aint got nothin better to do than to fault find... Hey...here some flix so someone can point out who I'm biting Power Prototype The following are old sketches from a book I found in my basement. Circa 2001-02
  7. I like that you say I dont bite I get inspired poeple will always hate
  8. True POWER comes from thinking outside the box!
  9. I gotto admit that I like your use of the word spastic Im glad that you like the idea!
  10. feelin that romero! diggin the blaze and the o on that woe by bogus...woe threw down on that bogus exchange as well
  11. oh word!...i was like awwwww here we go man I dont wanna beef wit nobody...especially over graff! hahaha...caught me lovely!
  12. I believe every pic says a story whether its graff or not...what started as pain in the pump became a sketch and then painted on the sticker...i aint tryin to spark beef or nuthin. I just thought I would share it for laughs. ill post more outlines soon to compesate for my wrong doing
  13. im sorry...did the sticker offend you..awww you obviously do know or mind the pain that the gas prices provide with each fill up. whether you like it or not...its a true expression of reality
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