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  1. $90 Montana pieces, funny.
  2. I'm not the only writer that wakes up before noon in TC? Word up druggie fresh fresh, fresh fresh fresh fresh. (spoken like how the big tymas say fresh)
  3. Damn. FATNUGS knows whats up w/ the paysites! Brazzers is the quality shit. You got a membership or did you find that shot lurking in the free area with the rest of us?
  4. 1.find stationary train. (generally near railroad tracks) 2.Go to the other side, see if anyone is there. 3. If answer to step 2 is yes return to step one, if no continue to step 4. 4. Return to side A and double check that there aren't any police cars, tanks, railroad workers, or Apache helicopters in the immediate area. 5. Apply marking compound of your choosing to said rail-car. 6. Re-install marking compound to bag/pants. 7. Once you have securely re-installed marking compound to bag, turn around 180 degrees. 8. Walk away.
  5. Feelin that old Buick-Nikon on that old QC stripe box.
  6. Damn that wall was a lot cooler back in ye- olde days.
  7. first 12 oz thread i've ever been hyped not to be in!
  8. That was totally a fair ball! Stupid ump cost us the series.
  9. Don Quijote- That was a funny as hell! What's dude expect? everyone has noticed the HUGE rainbow colored slogan on those motherfuckers. What do you want us to go buy stock in the MHW group or something? Lotto numbers...funny as hell. If your doin ARMN's for your girl you better be gettin anal, i mean the whole house cleaned exactly how you want it.
  10. damn that lyn lake rooftop flick is so oldschool you didnt even need to dial area codes yet.
  11. she is wearing bloomers! haha
  12. wow thats really really stupid and painting engines is retarded congrats on blowing one of your own spots.
  13. OH MY GOD SOKER JUST NAILED THAT KIDS ASS!! "bbbbbbbbbuuurrrrnnn." -Michael Kelso
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