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  1. I think one thing a lot of people outside of California don't know about the struggles medical cannabis is going through at this time. There is some where in the are of 15 counties, and 28 cities that have banned dispensaries. Due to the fact that politicians used the same mantras and false facts about marijuana. And they pitch to the surprisingly large majority of right winged republicans in Southern California. But Delivery Services have popped up everywhere. My thoughts are that prop 19 will barely pass. The churches will try to shut it down. But religion is a after thought in California. So thats about it. I have more to say, I just don't have the energy to type it all out though.
  2. The first photo was taken about 3 weeks ago. And the second one is from about 2 months ago. The past month has been crazy. There is so many days I wish I had my camera but didn't but I got some cool shit on the cell phone I'll try to download also. Well I looked up how to do that shit and there is no way I'm doing all that shit. I have to get up in 10 hours. sheeiiiiitttt
  3. EON 352

    12 Oz. VFW.

    but there is still no hope for Toiletseat.
  4. people used to have fights in the bathrooms in highschool. only place that didn't have cameras.
  5. dear bus, i don't want to ride in your cesspool on wheels. but i have things i need to do. -eon
  6. they left out the part out where all the juggalos ended up contracting all her STDs. now its an even fight for life. and im hoping both lose.
  7. im unemployed. and living off of rally's and peace tea. im lovin it.
  8. be the change that you want in the world. and sometimes you have to imagine more than you think.
  9. steal dvd's from Safe Way and sell them for half price. Than buy double cheezburgerz at BK. That's when you are a hard ass mutafunker.
  10. i watched the video. came up with a witty comment. than totally blanked out when my fingers hit the keys.
  12. at this point i just dont fucking care anymore.
  13. a lot of americans have gotten surgeries in mexico over the past 5 or so years.
  14. do they make tie dye colored caps also?nh
  15. Allie Sin Raven Riley Brooke Skye Alison Angel Liz Vicious Joanna Angel Lilly Thai (pre-contacts/pre-roast beef)
  16. my roommate is weirding out. i think he took shrooms even though he said he didn't. crazy nigga.
  17. one of the hardest writers to nave painted south florida in the past 10 years. condolences to his crew and family
  18. thinking about going an getting some double cheeseburgers and value fries from BK.
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