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  1. trying to figure how im going to pass time between now and tomorrow when i go downtown and have reckless fun. hope the cops don't ruin the parties tonight.
  2. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    or ebay but the FB page looks easier to work
  3. Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing??? metal face terrorist claim responsibility broken household name usually said in hostility
  4. Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing??? fuck now all i want to watch is Kapri Styles and no other porn. jungle fever? i think so.
  5. razor blades and drillbits
  6. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    fuck those gay ass adapters. just take the time to cut a few NY fats and when they clog just through em in a jar of mineral spirits for a day or 2 and they should be fine. you kids are just so damn lazy.
  7. Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing??? yall racist. 80% of my complex is black. i think this year is going to be filled with brown sugar. feel me.
  8. Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing??? hey her ass felt amazing, better than any white girls. cause she actually had some ass. i think her name was courtney, i forgot. but i'll probably end up drunk smashin it eventually. she had an ass dow would approve of.
  9. Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing??? i booty danced with a black girl tonight. it was like doggy style without the sex part. but i still enjoyed it.
  10. white bread turkey provolone mayo/mustard lettuce tomato pickles bell peppers banana peppers some onions oil/vinegar salt/pepper damn i want that right now.
  11. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    yeah fills take forever with that color. thinnest rusto i've ever used. and WTF!?!! all rustos are going to have that gay ass male valve now! well its probably cheaper for them to manufacture males instead of females. but this is bullshit. the only paint with normal valves will be walmart. and i have no plans on using that bullshit. wow... im really bummed on this happening. it's like my dog just died. and i just got hyped on the boston fats. 6 great long years with Stops Rust. hopefully they'll at least keep the Industrials with the old valve, but since this happened i doubt it. and if they want to acknowledge it or not we are their customer base, whether we pay or don't pay for their products they still profit. I had heard some time ago that they were going to be switching PT back to normal male valves but since it looks like their changing the entire product line to this they probably won't be turning back. way to go Rustoleum you just fucked yourselves.
  12. Im slowly slipping into alcoholism. fuckin' PBR man.
  13. channel zero has equated to a bad episode of Daria.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f95tD91bPE4
  15. fuck cats. dogs and the rest of the animal kingdom win you shag carpet hair having ass motherfuckers.
  16. damn that fool look so stupid he's worse of than most of these people with shitty guitar string tattoos.
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