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  1. dear alcohol, i consumed a lot of you last night, thanks for not giving me a hangover. -eon
  2. yeah the layout of that plaza looks like it could have been done much better. kind of a waste in some ways. the only thing that really interest me is the bridge/ditch with the red rails. otherwise the rest of the park looks like stuff you would find in some prefab modular park.
  3. i couldn't glue over 600 aus dollars or any useful currency for that matter to a piece of furniture. id end up picking it all off and using it for bus fare and buck doubles.
  4. ^^ wow. that has to be some of the worst advice i've ever heard. seems to be the most common path that new jacks to take these days is word for word what you just said.
  5. 104?! you'd need a shitload of risers to ride a wheel that big. sounds like a dirtboard.
  6. yeah this should probably help give prop 19 a huge bump before election time.
  7. dear me, i need to get control of my weed habit. smoking too much these days. get a fucking haircut you look like you have a mop on top of your head you fuckwad. good to see you're still working hard in school and trying to keep yourself together for the most part. -The One They Call Death
  8. that collab came out proper. the styles contrast and compliment one another really well.
  9. Help a Brea, California local. This kid was practically murdered by Brea PD. Sign the petition and pass it on. http://justiceforjulian.freewayscollide.com/
  10. exactly how skating was when i first started.
  11. now my room smells like a skunk slaughter.
  12. i need a girl to come to my place and touch my penis... but im too fucked up to get out of my chair and holler at bitches....
  13. OG hippies are typically cool. But the new age yippies piss me off. They hate drugs, think people that don't live a completely 'Green' life are heartless bastards. And make you want to never enter a health food store for the remainder of your life, just on the happen chance that you have to hear one of their annoying, repetitively occurring new conspiracy theories. They can all fuck off. But OG hippies, the old dudes that have done more drugs in the past week than you've done in the past year, are typically cool in my book. And I have 3 good reasons why. 1. Hash/Weed, LSD, Shrooms. Etc. - They typically have or know some that has at least 2 or maybe all three of those drugs or more. And they rarely inflate the price like most dealers in my area do. And these are my 3 favorite drugs anyways. 2. They hate cops just as much as you do. 3. Far more chill and rarely assholes like most people these days.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRTHupJMVyE
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