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  1. haha^ rarely works that way. atleast the girl i fucked over the weekend bought the booze and went half on the weed. every other girl expects you smoke them out and give them drink. im not rich dammit.
  2. Twinky Vulcan, Fishsticks, and other Vegas heads.
  3. dear bitch, you need to make up your goddamn mind. you act like you want it, but when i try to fuck you, you change your mind. make a fucking decision already, i dont have time for this bullshit. so just let me hit it already girl. fuck.... -eon
  4. Re: gay gallery shit in an abandoned subway station so bad its good.
  5. Re: gay gallery shit in an abandoned subway station TAGGING IS MOST BUTTERY ESSENCE OF GRAFFITI!
  6. SAINT! he's not MSK but still a still a sick writer to see.
  7. Dear Homemade Vaporizer, You make me feel like a baser, but you get me high as fuck. I feel conflicted with your use. And thanks to that random dude that gave me weed for drawing a stupid ass tattoo for his sister. Best of luck you fucking black juggalo motherfucker! HAHAHAHAHAHAH size7redtextoner -Eonski
  8. i have no shame. smash after a quarter bottel of ron carlos and i'll even fuck her in the wheel chair if im drunk enough.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3IF560eizQ&feature=related
  10. DMT smells like smells like some burnt organic chemical kind of shit. but you know thats shits crazy.
  11. yeah you always have threesomes
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag9HvdWpqlk&feature=related
  13. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    I used a lot of Rusto Industrial tall cans last year. I had to chuck a good bit of the flat black ones that still had about 1/4 of paint left in the can, because there would be no propellent left. The only color that was consistent and i miss using elmers on, was the Flat White. Even with the valve changes. At least Kilz still have female valves on their White Primer.
  14. i smoke a lot of weed and do a fair bit of psychedelic drugs also. but i earned them. cause i had to pay money for them. and ive never had a mental or physical set back from any of them. but i find the original topic that Cracked posted is very interesting. It's just like people that when the lottery. A year down the road most of those people are not happy. even though they won huge sums of money. i do agree with the thought true pleasure can only derived from working towards the goal. instead of it being handed to you.
  15. im on marijuana minutes........................................................................time slow
  16. tinychat has fallen off. 80% of the time soup is on cam wearing some straight up hipster shit. while randoms pop in and act like retards.
  17. just when i lost hope in hip hop......:cool:
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