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  1. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    somewhat..not that great though. there is some slight bleed thru.
  2. dear doctor, chillest person to ever cut my face with a blade. thanks for helping me get rid of that cyst. dear uncle, there is not enough thank you's i could give for helping me with getting a car. you're guaranteed to be paid back in full. dear apartment, i'll be back tuesday. happy i locked the door to my room. dear roommates, yall better not have fucked things up while i was gone. -eonski
  3. donks are for ignorant jackasses
  4. yeah the soundtrack is on point.
  5. Someone on Vimeo uploaded the whole video. Lots of classic pieces, end to ends, whole cars, and also some live painting action. http://vimeo.com/2875340
  6. :lol: its all good. all the people i hit up for the interviews are reluctant weirdos.
  7. haha. i remember hitting you up to do one. but than i realized im incredibly lazy..
  8. cause skating slow is for pussies.
  9. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    not to mention the xylene that was probably burning your skin also.
  10. back in cali for a minute. damn i missed this medical bud. keep it BSM
  11. has anyone considered doing phone sex? no, not in a gay way. talking to old nasty bitches on the phone. not dudes. you make like $500 a week. thoughts?
  12. dear crazy bitch at the smoking hut at school, shut the fuck up you crazy old cock eyed bitch. you have children!?!?! something fucked you?!?! does the little fucker have a leg coming out its fuckin four head?! you always have a 1,000,001 problems. why are you still alive?? why haven't you killed yourself yet? what are you getting out of this? your life is pure and utter tragedy. you smell like newports and cat food and you have the most annoying voice. do you speak in any other tone, but loud annoying redneck smokers voice? you seem like you have done every drug there is at one time or another in your life, and i think the times when you huffed chrome dollar paint and smoked formaldehyde dipped cigarettes is starting to show. at this point ive said what i had to say... sooo pffftttt go fuck yourselves. later. -eon
  13. LSA, wine, pain killers, and smoking so much im never sober. Has been my last 2 weeks. A shooting went down directly in front of my front door last night, that was entertaining. And about to go on a 3 week vacation to the inland empire. And for some reason this song has grown on me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHQh9VRj77M
  14. there is three different ways this could go. 45% of the time = she already fucked someone else. and is trying rid herself of guilt. or is slowly moving to the infamous "seeing other people" conversation. 45% of the time = testing. the way you choose to answer will make you single in 10 minutes or better your relationship. 10% of the time = she wants to have a threesome.
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