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  1. that last fart permeated my chair
  2. my razor sharp penis can cut diamonds. i got it at http://www.artprimo.com
  3. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    yeah the euro caps seem to always run twice the price as american caps ie rustos,NYs. i guess euros take more plastic to make or something. idk. but most of the euro caps dont even work on rusto. im happy with rusto fats and stock tips. but i think i would give those astro fats a try sometime.
  4. yeah i think the last one got scrapped a couple weeks ago in california. im not sure if there might be few still rolling around out there but 14-2-1 documented a bunch of them as they went to be scrapped. heres a group dedicated to solely WFEs http://www.flickr.com/groups/1336655@N22/
  5. Re: sex slaves arent wrong being a sex slave is bad. but being a sex slave for segal would be horrible. he cant even fake an orgasm.
  6. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    :rolleyes: trout has everything you need.
  7. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    yeah $18 for a 100 pack of rusto fats?!?! coommmeeee onnnnnn
  8. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear stomach, calm the fuck down. eon
  9. EON 352


    hell post the wall anyways.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTyfaVAVHss&feature=fvw
  11. yeahhhhh no. i'd like to keep my job.
  12. ages 8-13 disregard hot wheels, acquire tech decks. i had a huge fingerboard skatepark built in my room and everything. i built a lot of ramps out of cardboard and paper. things was pretty extensive. since i was young a lot of my friends were jealous of my miniature skatepark.
  13. i wish those things are fun. tpbm is tired and its only monday
  14. rip n' dip keeping skating fun.
  15. ok whos the asshole that didnt click the circle?
  17. i keep getting paired up with retards
  18. i GotZ mEh fAnCy gRafF BoMb cApS yO... :lol:
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