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  1. I guess this is what ASR turned into? Well if I'm in town at the time I'll definently get up there for the free schwag. Just going to Tampa Pro you could walk away with a grip of schwag I can guarantee you can get ten fold the amount at Agenda.
  2. why are 75% of all Juggalos obese? + + =
  3. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    yeah ive yet to have a successful mix. but persistence is key.
  4. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear POZ, stay strong nugga. -eonroc
  5. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear coworker, I want to dent your skull with a can of peas. You're lucky we were at work, or I would have beat the shit out of your bitch ass. -eon
  6. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    All I've ever used is Rusto. And its the most reliable and durable paint out there. If you know how to mix you can make nearly any color you want.
  7. EON 352


    h0w dO yAll MaK3 kR1nK?
  8. just pet him and be encouraging. he's just nervous. just be reassuring
  9. Rusto fats or NY fats, and stock tips are all you need. If you need fancy caps to rock, you need to step your game up.
  10. I love reading all the cities or businesses name's on the doors of Cyros.
  11. yeah i cant remember right now but angel eyes is actually of two common pantry items. but great pictures everyone.
  12. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    psshhh for $8. :lol:
  13. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    i take that back. i just checked and it is $3.95. thats pretty good. about the same price as rusto.
  14. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    yeah but thats before shipping costs.
  15. Re: Fucking Favorite Flickr Flicks shit youre still alive.
  16. *removed for security purposes*
  17. fishing in a stocked pound kind of defeats the purpose in a way. real fishing is done in a natural stream, river, lake, or ocean. not a 100 square foot man made hole in the ground where it takes less than 5 minutes to hook a fish.
  18. NOW IN VIDEO!! this almost deserves it's own thread.
  19. Showing respect where it's due. A solid; writer's, writer. Baler MSG All flicks ripped from various
  20. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    yeah i can't remember the exact price of rusto at home depot is right now but thats the price i would aim for. i think that would be a pretty fair.
  21. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear saturday, haven't been this excited/anxious about something in a long time. i missed it. -eon
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