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  1. Probably a stupid question but could anyone on here recommend any good Irish tattooers ?
  2. Roid interview http://getnloose.com/2010/04/05/questions-answers-♯25-roid-msk/
  3. Omin Kube and Rolk exhibition in all city thursday 23rd 7pm check http://www.getnloose.com for more details
  4. its pretty simple then, dont get caught
  5. Ok i dont know where you guys are getting your info from but il break it down, out of the 32 counties in this country how many of them can say they have even 3 writers that can rep on an international level? 6 maybe? Cork Dublin Louth Galway Limerick Antrim? Im not hating here im only stating facts I wish this was not the case . . .
  6. I wasnt basing what i said on what gets posted in this thread, its obviously not a true representation of what goes on. For the amount of people in this country the number of people that paint is unbelievably low and the number of people that are actually any good is even lower. I dont know where its all going wrong but its a shame.
  7. Each to their own, its a shite scene in ireland anyway
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