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  1. keep tennessee up out yo mouth next time a magazine aks you fo' a comment we gonna see if you can still rap fast when i snatch yo tongue out from yo stomach
  2. Sed check out this urna, gangster et, funky fresh izzle, sollicitudizzle izzle, nulla. Yo mamma pharetra, bizzle check out this brizzle malesuada, i saw beyonces tizzles and my pizzle went crizzle bow wow wow consequizzle yippiyo, mollizzle fringilla libero go to hizzle izzle fo shizzle. Class black taciti the bizzle izzle litora torquent per conubia sure, pizzle inceptos hymenizzle. Aliquizzle break it down , scelerisque for sure, iaculizzle crunk, accumsan fo shizzle mah nizzle fo rizzle, mah home g-dizzle, elizzle. Nunc the bizzle. Bizzle shiznit urna, accumsizzle izzle, feugiat check out this, molestie boom shackalack, sapizzle. Curabitur condimentizzle. Aenean non we gonna chung nizzle enizzle i saw beyonces tizzles and my pizzle went crizzle bizzle. Get down get down sure felizzle, black id, away quizzle, nizzle, gangster. Maecenas i saw beyonces tizzles and my pizzle went crizzle pede. Nam nibh. Nulla enim. Nulla blandit. Dang ma nizzle magna, boom shackalack gizzle, lobortizzle sheezy, molestie bling bling, lacizzle. Away mi mah nizzle, sempizzle nizzle, ma nizzle eu, pretizzle fizzle, velizzle. Izzle doggy tellus quizzle phat tempus aliquam.
  3. Re: Great Pictures~ whoa the properties for that image are really descriptive: Dadang, a resident of Cempaka Putih district, drinks water after being buried in the ground in Jakarta August 3, 2010. Dadang buried himself in the ground on Tuesday for over three hours to protest against a local government plan to evict him from his home. Around 90 people will be evicted from their homes because their houses were built illegally, local officials said.
  4. http://www.thecoolhunter.net/article/detail/1766/1930-art-deco-henderson
  5. ^^ same here... only 50cc and under i think though
  6. Admittedly, closing all of our restaurants every Sunday makes us a rarity in this day and age. But it's a little habit that has always served us well, so we're planning to stick with it. Our founder, Truett Cathy, wanted to ensure that every Chick-fil-A employee and restaurant operator had an opportunity to worship, spend time with family and friends or just plain rest from the work week. Made sense then, still makes sense now.
  7. trill


    that first AG hat has a plaid fill in... coincidence?
  8. nice... i would pick up a grip of those if i could find em for 14 bucks
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