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  1. big evil the deadman always cometh
  2. i like leon better than noel. structurally. i like ziggler better than sheamus. actually. plus, who on earth spells sheamus like that? irish spelling is Séamus. they added the h because what? we couldnt take it??? messed up
  3. people who hate on jesse aren't worth the dead brain cells. knowledge of austin's short but sweet history is completely irrelevant to people who will never matter. it's those who treat others with respect and the courtesy they have achieved despite personal taste; those are the ones who will last. nove.dot and others who make similar comments with no regard to austin's legacy follow in the high-heeled footsteps of AVAIL. whether or not (probably not) they know it. and that is just funny as hell to me.
  4. thats kind of creepy there fella
  5. did anyone see this on yahoo's front page today?? fucking amazing...next fill fer sure
  6. that silver ehcrew with the red and blue a few pages back is sharp...like it.. i am into that thots a few pages back as well..good stuff guys
  7. real booker t or gay flava flav? you picked your hero jimmy...now stick with it.
  8. you sound like a jimmy whats up pants over bikini bottoms any day SUKKA
  9. too many jimmys....all i see are jimmys...
  10. about 6-7 years too late on that cumment suka.
  11. Phiks is in the MTV "TrueLife: I'm an Albino" causing misheard hate crimes on 6th street. even cooler
  12. yeah that makes sense. sometimes i see a point on the internet and create a counterpoint out of boredom or curiosity of response..success. but i think you're wrong about everyone and their dog. If that was the case i would think there would be better things to discuss than ol' noel.
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