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  1. http://www.store-montana.com/sections/components/store/index.php?file=product_info_direct&cPath=2&products_id=1006226&
  2. what site the montana store? My parents know i write they just dont want me to get caught and to not keep the stuff in the apartment.
  3. I dont know about you guys but when i go places with my cans, they jingle like crazy and make it sort of hard to not get looked at. So i saw those can silencers on the montana online store,but i still live with my parents(im a minor) and i knew i would never be able to get my hands on some. So i went to staples and bought a lot of those little circular magnets that come in packs of 6. Putting at least 3 on the botton of a can will really bring down the noise level when you walk around or run, not sure if this has been said before but for anyone else who has this problem this is a great way to fix it
  4. Cum in it. Trim your pubes and put them in it. Put some spicy shit in it. then make a back up sandwich packed in a lunchbox for yourself, if he takes it then good, if not then oh well try again, and just use the same sandwich.
  5. i have a freckle on the tip of my penis.
  6. if that was me she woulda been dead by now.
  7. they dont got cameras, and if they did or put them up just wear a fuckin mask or hood.
  8. I do it because i love it, with my freinds and by myself.Smelling the first montana of the day for me is like when a gay person waking up and smells the spring air. that myspace thing made me laugh..
  9. i bring brass knuckles with me but i havnt used em yet. That thing about holding a maker when you punch is trrue.
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