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  1. if this cunt was from anywhere else than Glasgow he would've died...


    people from glasgow are at least 50% rubber. that includes brain matter.



    it's the fuckin' murder capitol o' western europe... i remeber hearing some statistic saying it's got more gangs per square metre than LA.


    i've never been to LA but i could believe that... any other big city in the world if someone wanted to kill you then they'd just shoot you or whatever...


    from everything i've ever heard aboot glasgow, people just want to pull kinves oot and play with you, see how many fingers they can cut off before you pass oot and throw up all before going into a coma. while they just leave you in the gutter and walk away.


    i seen the boy on the news earlier... his fuckin' coupon looked like someone threw a glass o' red wine over a cheese grater...



    i could go on but it's gettin' late...






    My boy lived in Glasgow for like a year. He Got into like 10 fights, won just about all of them. The most memorable, some kid in school gave him the old scottish kiss ( headbutt) and chipped his tooth. So my boy lays the kid the fuck out in front of his girl and everyone, and ever since then the whole school hated him wanted to fight him / were scared of him. He tried to wear his USMC shirt as frequent as possibleHe said they were all pussies. Although these were highschool kids we are talking about. He didnt fuck with any of the more hard core chavs, although he said he did see them around, and noted that they looked like a bunch of faggots.

  2. I want to give so many props in this thread.


    BTW, they would obviously all have guns, but they would be Lugers and therefore useless due to jamming issues. I give dude 3/4s of the way through before he has to abandon the truck and falcon punch his way to freedom.


    sooner or later though someone might SCHRECK his PANZER


    thats why you roll through in this baby seeking family raping child eating mobile







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