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  1. o.j simpson used to right glove1...no truth to that
  2. that eye deja is so nasty
  3. get some arek shit on here i no hes nsf but still give this thread a chance
  4. Is inve in IBD im pretty sure hes not but hes been out with mink and regal alot
  5. Odie


    some1 bit skufs S
  6. deth kult,mayhem too make me go crazy :scrambled:
  7. Odie


    bumb or else :mad:
  8. Odie

    O.J. Simpson

    this is shocking
  9. Odie

    O.J. Simpson

    did it or didnt???
  10. spade was taken in the western new york area in bf but idk if its still used i havent seen a spade piece in a while but idk check it out
  11. i hit my girls g-spot :) but honestly probaly a open wall on a main street idk no really hard just cautious
  12. you could always go to a friends house go there at night and go back to your friends house that way u never were ideed from your house
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