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  1. I've always enjoyed using the Alien cans, they always had great low pressure for tiny work and I always found myself surprised at how much I could get out of one can, so the water based version intrigues me.
  2. Low quality pic, but one of my favorites.
  3. HAL, that first paragraph...exactly. I remember coming up with flatball and 3d ball krylons, rusto and whatever local brands I could find, and the first time I got my hands on some Belton, Spanish Montana & L&G Montana, it blew me away. I enjoy using the newer brands here and there for fun stuff, but when I want quality and longevity, the European brands are the only way to go.
  4. Eksrt, Potatoe, Werds & those Nace cars... nice flicks all over this page.
  5. I can't help with too many specific recommendations aside from your standard Rusto, AA & PT, unless you find Walmarts that still stock their cheapo brand silvers and such. All I can say is try finding a good freight liquidation store.
  6. I have to say, I had the same issues. I used a few greens and purples, and while they do cover pretty well, I had to fight them to get crisp lines the whole time, even after reducing pressure.
  7. Custom colors, interesting...
  8. Last one not in this city, that's in Texas I believe. Also, this thread is old and dead as hell, time to start a new Harrisburg thread again...
  9. I've noticed some pieces I've done with Fresh Paint have minor fading already, but only with certain colors. It is extremely affordable and it's basically the same as Ironlak, I really like the stuff, but I don't expect it to have the staying power on a wall as Belton or Rusto. Also, I have noticed significant cracking when layering over Rusto with it.
  10. Man, lots of interesting cans right there. Cans I haven't seen in over a decade, I always wanted to try those Aerosol Art Pro-line cans. All I ever remember of Felton was these ads in old graff mags...
  11. Nice. Necske, Kwest... I know there's plenty more good stuff on the way.
  12. Got this today, not in the greatest of shape, but for its size and age, the color is still vibrant and it'll make a fine addition to the old collection. (Rusto in pic to give an idea of the size of the poster.)
  13. Hmm, interesting, guess I never really thought about how varying sea levels effect the way valve systems work with different caps.
  14. I enjoyed using the old grey german banana caps on old valve krylon, it made for nice flared hands and crisp lines. I've tried the beige caps on damn near every type of can I've painted with and have had it work wonderfully with Montana, Molotow, Ironlak, Fresh Paint and Beat, sometimes I'd have to fidget with em to get em working on Alien though. The can killer caps do make for big, consistent fades, but I use the beige guys regularly, maybe I just have a weird fade technique. ^That cap you just posted is very aesthetically pleasing, judging by the rounded edges, it looks like a damn comfortable cap to use.
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