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  1. fouldini to get consistency i would just draw the letters like they are on your keyboard in caps, no overlapping, no 3d, no extra shit, just draw those, same height width etc, after a good 5 - 10 then try adding 3d to them, id recommend saving the good ones you do from those 5-10 times and putting the 3d on it, to save time, then once you use those up start over without looking at the letters and make it consistent, post up that pic to see the improvement
  2. well im on this page ima ask, anyone got any crits for me on that DIRE peice i just posted up, aside from not using lined paper, oh and freak, shit looks real nice, id like to see it colored though, cause the stuff behind it makes it look confusing for me, so if you dont wanna go through the coloring just like go over your lines with a thicker black, it would make it easier to see, but yeah thats all i got, nice work man
  3. hey den man your seriously gonna hear this 100 times, but simple letters are where youve gotta start, check out that NYEVE piece up earlier on this page, or the last one i just posted, should hopefully give you an idea of what i mean by simples
  4. yeah i learned, i just lost my damn sketchbook, i mean it was a cheap ass walmart one, but beats lined paper
  5. hey kaos heres your piece, sorry bout the coloring, my first time wit paint pens, although i think it turned out really well, to my standards at least, and joewindsor ill have yours up as soon as i can
  6. hey kaos i finished your piece ill post it up after i get back from school today, and joewindsor dont worry yours should be up soon, ensignia is just super damn long thats all, haha
  7. i still cant believe chicago isnt on the most dangerous list, wtf?have the people not heard of caprini green? the fucking fire department wont even go in there to put shit out without a police escort, come the fuck on
  8. alright then which one you want me to do?
  9. alright ill try to have that up in a few days
  10. so then what do you want me to do a piece of? that or w/e you usually write (idk what that is so be sure to let me know)
  11. this should take me awhile too, so just pm me whenever you finish it, theres no rush in all this, so you write kaos i take it?
  12. kaos an exchange is where two writers each do a piece of the other persons name instead of their own, so that they can each bite things they like about the style its done in, its a tool used to expand their style, but yeah i write JAC7, so whoever else wants to exchange lemme know edit: and joe, do you really write ensignia? or were you just screwin wit that, that shit should be a task to pull off, ill have fun wit that one
  13. hey does any one else want to get down with an exchange on here? i need something to get my lazy ass motivated
  14. actually the only one i got for this one is it kinda looks weird with the lil line across the l beneath where the top of the f crosses it, aside from that its great
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