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  1. hey skorn did yall finished the wall at oscars club.
  2. Re: DEF THREATS!!! Dont forget in Houston Texas USA also. Some of does pictures are from houston.
  3. THOR and NOBLE......nice tags........
  5. arte

    RTL GY fam

  6. yeah yeps and keli ur style rocks the city.......saw new stuff from ABELS, SLUR,THOR,NOBLE, MAVE,AND RISEN. Remeber this is the new age fame is on the streets and on the internet..this is your digital blackbook....thousands of people check this website and others from all over the world....some of yall have followers....who is the king ......time will tell....peace out.
  7. arte

    RTL GY fam

    saw some new stuff today driving around houston.....abels and slur...... This past week driving around houston i've seen about 9 graffiti writers hitting up houston...it is crazy right now my neck hurts already looking side to side and even looking up on the heavens. so much i love it ......fame is the goal.
  8. pacman enemies.....all over town
  9. sorry forthe large pictures i thougt this web had a reduction tool.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBFEe79Zpn0 check out this video two guys at work not doing their job just playing around at the office then out of nowhere BOSS shows up in the background .......busted.......this is a new video but i believe it will get some hits (views)... shit hopefully i never get caught like that because at work we also play around too much.... according to the comments they said they got in trouble.
  11. 20- 100 POST .....CILONE i think you were once their or did you skip that and started at 101.....anyways keep watching the videos some make you laugh some make you think and yeah some are gay but who cares YOUTUBE rocks.
  12. i know ifyou watch it again it will make you laugh even if its the gayest video youve seen.......
  13. check out these cars 30 in rims diamonds all over
  14. JA was up I see your graffiti down here in houston texas on trains.
  15. arte

    RTL GY fam

    Was up RTL. I took this train in fifth ward Houston.
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