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  1. the piece of meca still remaining on the h. roller chisme etch gs sicks yeah much hm nice pretty old ai tbk reup killed it lots of unfinished shit there..
  2. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD Love to know the story on the one with the guy falling from the tower.
  3. cope2 really let himself go judging by that last throw
  4. nice thread.. I was always a big fan of ACiD, ICE, Remorse, SAC, and others over the years..
  5. hot zones like the stop sign by the store are intense! stay in the shadows so the people won't see you, and then come out like a ninja and express yourself! keep your third eye open for the jakes!
  6. these gentleman are good at graffiti
  7. I had no choice but to quote this sudden outbreak of common sense. While I do own assault weapons, they are certainly not my go-to weapons in any given situation; I analyze and react appropriately. Just because some clown wants to smash my window, I won't automatically proceed to spray 7.62x39 rounds into my neighbors house! Sure if 5 armed robbers appear (which is becoming more frequent in my area, I will respond to them with the appropriate defense), things will be handled as I see fit. However, the majority of the time I am carrying a small capacity firearm and the only intent for its use is for an extreme situation which happens to spiral out of control and is characterized by a series of events set forth by a violent criminal who is hell bent on ending the lives of myself, my family, or other innocent Americans! Despite how much this may frustrate some liberals, I simply refuse to apologize for my desire to protect the lives of other innocent American citizens from the threats of what I ultimately consider to be ultimately "domestic terrorists"; despite the fact that you may consider them to be "misunderstood children" or "victims of circumstances."
  8. It is certainly refreshing to hear a voice of reason anywhere near a debate about gun control. I must applaud you for being one of the few brave enough to support the fact that it is only fair for law abiding citizens to stand up to criminals, legally, with their own comparable type of defense weapon. Others would love for criminals to dominate us with illegally obtained weapons, and to harm our families with said weapons, but thankfully there are still a few voices out there who believe that letting our loved ones die tragically at the hands of murderers is simply not acceptable.
  9. Yes, criminals can get their hands on anything they want through illegal means. You do not believe we should be able to legally obtain weapons of the same type in order to defend ourselves with, so as a result I must ask the following question: what do you suggest we use instead? I do feel as though you are hoping to deny rights. While my opinion may be very unpopular, I will state it regardless. I feel that if criminals can attack us using military or assault type weapons, we as honest citizens should be able to defend ourselves using similar weapons. While others will disagree and say that we should call 911, hide, use a knife, etc,; I am honestly simply saying that I feel that free people deserve to defend their lives against violent criminals with tools of lesser of equivalent harm/damage potential. If you rob/murder/steal for a living, I do not condone the fact that you want a defenseless population, because this is simply a business motive for you. However, if you are a law-abiding citizen, I must question why you have such a burning desire to disarm the legitimate and render them into hapless victims of brutal and merciless crimes.
  10. Instead of switching the topic to "RPGs, missles, all that sort of thing", I would actually prefer to keep it in the vein of things that we can actually purchase legitimately from retailers. The average home-invasion or robbery gang does not use a nuclear warhead to neutralize their victim, why would you even imagine that we would use something similar against them? They have assault weapons, they have fully automatic weapons (which we, the legitimate citizens, are forced to pay upwards of $20,000 and require numerous permits to obtain), and they have more. Our legal methods of self preservation and defense of ourselves and family are numbered - must you sincerely insist that we be denied this last form of protection?
  11. Amen! I just have no clue why criminals would want assault weapons. Only the military should have them. And the idea of law abiding citizens wanting assault weapons to defend against the criminals who want assault weapons because they are powerful enough for the military simply escapes my comprehension.
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