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  1. Grasp

    graff songs

    Shit i just relized i said that! i have no fucking clue why i said that... im gonna take a permanent nap
  2. Grasp

    graff songs

    danger mouse is one person dr. doom is another person they have a group, danger doom
  3. It is for pulling the billboard paper and the glue up to the billboard
  4. Philly because if the police see you then they wave there baton. but as long as you play it off like you were using deodorant then its cool
  5. Boners part if ykk? I saw a pink and yellow boner throw on C.O.P.S
  6. umm broke my arm in 10 places i was up on a 2story roof and i decided to be indiana fucking jones and jumped about 2 feet down to a metal awning. from there i was gonna jump to a cement awning and jump down the finaly 6 feet. but my fatass fell 17 feet right through the roof. i landed on my arm breaking my wrist twice, my forearm twice, elbow 5 times, and breaking my shoulder. so now i have two metal rods in my arm, 16 screws, i had 3 metal pins in my shoulder but i got those out, and 2 parents that know i bomb
  7. steammy mirrors tracing shadows at night with chalk silly string salt on a lawn
  8. Bomb the system even thought there is very little bombing. SYN, style wars, dirty hands, men in black. I wanna see peice by peice
  9. I would like to see BAD crew with a dvd. Crazy shit in chicago
  10. Re: VANS BUSES AND AUTOMOBILES good ol' non marc ecko mother fuckin trane
  11. Im listening to that song now...
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