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  1. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! Scouting the yard and when night falls
  2. Re: Lost And Worthless Souls Youh Dmise bring your friend when you come into town again.
  3. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! Gnar,Ctrl quickie billboard
  4. Re: my Ouija board scares me... Damn youh I never seen a piece by Ouija from up and close til now shits mad clean still,um gotta go book my flight now he,he
  5. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! Knoledge for a City who's scene is still groing,also adquiring style and a mind of it own. [Originally Posted by Flavor Enhancer I dont know if everyones ever going to figure it out... but 12oz. is wack. Not 12oz. , but the shit that goes on on the internet. 12oz. is dope, back in the 90's when the mags first came out, shit was dope... Actually seeing Miami cats in print like that... Made them seem like Super Stars... The same names you seen on 95 you seen in the mags, same names u seen in the streets was gettin that fame in the mags... I am a big fan of 12oz. But this website is a poison to the graffitti culture. The abilty to communicate like this is not what graffitti is all about. The lackadazical Hate displayed for total strangers, its aids in itching the Rash. If there is every a minor problem, It will be irritated on this web site until the point that it seems like its the BIGGEST problem in the world... A crew like MSG.. now its just common practice to say there garbage. LOL.... I mean honestly you dont mean that. I mean, okay, I understand that Hatered and the general dislike for the crew... maybe personal beefs... But well Over 10 years of Work in South Florida, The Flicks dont Lie. But you know the difference between GOOD Graffitti, And Fuckin GARBAGE. The Complete Lack of Respect in the Game in South Florida is a DIRECT result of this web site. Without your ability to communicate like this, the hate would never be so strong, and the beef wouldnt even exsit in many cases. Most of us are total Strangers to each other. And the only real reason any of us think of each other, is beacause there obessions with each other. The dedication it takes to go over people the way the war is being played out now is at a level of Obsession. I dont belive that many of the Active bombers continueing the beefs and problems honestly have any thought process besides there animal insticts. The GO HEAT block busters in downtown is a perfect example. Miami Heat, Heart and Soul of the City... Before the Finals started, You see the big GO HEAT block buster pop up... A day before game 6, shit gets gone over with what i would define as " GARBAGE ". Only a person with no real thought process would do that when the Miami Heat on are the cusp of making NBA History.... maybe you just dont give a Fuck about Basketball... But thats an example of what 12oz. has done to the Game in South Florida. Ive had many disscusions with many writers on this topic. From BOTH sides... And trust me, the writers that actually have respect for the Graff Game know its FUCKING RETARDED. Its basically at a point of no return... Its like that Movie Gremlins... There multiplying like insects because its much easier to produce a TOY then a real Artist. ANYONE of able body can do graffitti... doing alot of graffitti, or just going over graffitti doesnt make you better. And it doesnt make the Culture better. No one crew or one writer is bettr then the Game. The graff game is old, with many generations of writers, traditions styles and techniquies passed down thru the years... Look at it now. Drive around your city. Your beautiful city of Miami and Look at the Sceen. Now think back to the 90's.. I wasnt around for the 80's but from what i heard Miami had a nice sceen. The respect is GONE. And WHY you ask ??? well put it this way.... Most of the new cats are caught in the wrong state of mind. Confused about whats the real deal in graffitti... Confused about Knowin the Difference between your " ENIMIES " and your " RIVALS ". Its a BIG difference. Remember when Your real enemy was things like.... the Buff the Police the Heros the Snitches toys that honestly just didnt know no better... Not anymore... The Buff has been replaced by the Beef. Before you used to say, i wonder how long it will ride before it gets buffed... now you say, i wonder how long it will ride before it gets dissed... Theres no respect cuz most of the cats are a product of what they see... If they grew up watchin real writers, and seeing real dope graff being done, riding for months and years they wouldnt diss eevrytihng in sight... I know of a few spots that i personally have done, that is from 97, 98.... the beginings of my graff carreer... to still be able to drive by today and see it still living, or even just seeing the "scar" as like to call it is really dope.. Imagine all the graff that would be on the streets if the wasnt all this retarded beef... thats seriouslly something to think about. But I know it will fall on def ears... Cant hear shit like this when your bumpin GGGGG GGG G GGG G-Unit full blast in your I-pod... I know this is just going to bring more comments by children addicted to this web site and addicted to being haters... Kanye said it.. "There always be haters thats the way it is, Hater Niggas marry Haters Bitches and have hater kids.." So go ahead, leave your gay as comments 30 seconds after this message is posted.. Fuck you nigga your wack I beat your ass Your crews gargabe We the truth Im the President blahhhhhhhh I guess thats just the evolution of the game... I just hope that the young kids that get into something like graffitti can use there brains and pick thru all the fat and find the meat... Realize that the Meat im referin to is not BEEF.] Personally me Im just gonna post flicks and take mine to the streets,peace.
  6. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! ha,ha,ha..who cares anymore Ill deal with yall when I see your face in the mean time keep posting
  7. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! Thats cool if there is but sadly they have no exposure at all what so ever from my research prior to running it I asked oldschool heads,search in magazines and browsed the web so holla at us if anything will keep on doing our thing mean while,good looking out do.
  8. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! Youh Betor will see if youre as hard as you act here when we see you,you used to be cool but now youre just a little bitch that hides behind his crew,try to threat or get at my people again and see what happens,enough talking,stay up Memphis,peace.
  9. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! Keep an eye out for the "Second To None" crew..Unik2.Ctrl.Gnars.Sayso.Paser..
  10. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! Heres something to get yall going,piss stop on my way to Memphis.. Stop The Nonsense and keep the flicks coming,see yall at the Jam!?
  11. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! Yall making Memphis look like a joke get back to painting
  12. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! I honestly feel that the Control,Gnars and Betor pieces on that wall where sick the only thing is the waste of space but hey at least theyre putting in the work
  13. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! ha,ha you guys are a trip is like High School all over again
  14. Not sure if its retarded or not but heres a piss stop in Mississippi
  15. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! Hey Gnarly Sheen lets go paint at the minor wall this weekend ha,ha,ha.....lol,just playing, but the uh,wtc and specially them crayola kids,just let it be,please get your mind right,one.
  16. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! All yall Memphis cats need to leave that wall alone and let it cool off yall brought mad drama to a chill spot by painting on it every other week and doing shit on it that is not supposed to be done in a legal wall, buff the whole wall,let it cool down and will see from there I assure you that if yall do that were gonna get it back and if anybody fucks with it there gonna get what is coming to them I see yall this weekend,one.
  17. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! Holla at me man I gotta idea with you in mind,duo or production collabo,one.
  18. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! Im gonna get a legal written permit for it and try to make it a hall of fame that way ill stay clean,will see..
  19. Re: M.E.M.P.H.I.S!! I dont know how Memphis cats think but to me this states that the whole UH crew is beefing with Ctrl and if thats so I may have to get involve cause one man against a dozen of yall is not fare game specially when me and him are now crew so I recommend yall solve this like man and talk about it if not yall can battle or something but quit going over peoples work it takes to much time and money
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