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  1. some rust stains dandruff shampoo other sundry products (roomates')
  2. yeah, maybe they should be charged with negligance, considering that they've probably been feeding the girl fifteen times a day.
  3. No. Shit. What the fuck? Are you anti-American because you think George Bush is an asshole? A lot of people like graffiti and want to see more of it. Besides that, it's not like you make any money writing graffiti. Therefore, graffiti writers do a service to part of the community without getting paid, god bless 'em.
  4. Even though I think she's a gross he-she, let her say whatever she wants.
  5. It must go well on "thuggish ruggish bones," but I'm not into that sort of thing.
  6. And I'm wondering... Singapore or Australia?
  7. I think you can score heroin pretty cheap up here. If that's what you're wondering... I don't know.
  8. By bad news you mean you're a stupid roll-over turd right? Also, you understand that I was talking about your sandcastle over body-bury right? Also also, you seem like a pile of dogshit that has been given fingers, to type.
  9. "hoawawaww" I'm slapping my knee and not laughing, because you're such a stupid asshole.
  10. HALF666DEAD That sounds like a pretty good idea.
  11. Sorry fat guys, I don't have that kind of money to be throwing around on mustard.
  12. it's: four and two, too by the way.
  13. Yeah, Eastbay was really sitting on this one.
  14. wow hig. soc. that is so interesting and I care. Gerrreat. [/sARCASM]
  15. Yeah, I saw this dumb shit at Revere Beach last year. Corporate promotions carved in sand. I like sandcastles, but I don't like having some dumb-ass rope telling me how close I can't get to some stupid-ass advertisement made out of sand.
  16. yeah. I. Chef America's way more lame than the Japanese version. First off, the asshole announcer on the American version's talking all the fucking goddamn time. On the Japanese version, they'd have cute girls asking question every minute. Besides that, the American assholes are all over the place, who knows what's going to wind up on the plates at the end. On the Japanese show, you knew. I like football, but the idiots who broadcast the American Iron Chef treat Iron Chef like football, and it's not football you stupid assholes.
  17. nice poke and prod, Liz Montgom you broad, maybe next you can get, Eastbay to say he's odd, Because he is. [sARCASM ALERT] [sARCASM ALERT] And Eastbay, first off, the preferred nomenclature is half-brother. And it's a shame you're only racist against the jews. I mean, is that all right with you, or do you feel like you want more? I mean hanging the world's problems on such a small minority as the jews can be a difficult task for an amateur racist such as yourself. You should branch out. Look around. I'm a complete asshole-prick, start with that, find out what race I am, and go from there. Best of luck brother.
  18. High society is such an asshole, when he shits he gets a huge cankerous hole in his chest.
  19. all the noodles need to do is get some water inside of them. you're just wasting time talking about how you're going to barbecue the noodles. put them in the water and then talk about how many eggs or sticks of butter you're going to add to the mix.
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