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  1. I know i have posted several times but i just want to say get well so i can continue to see your freights roll by. you are 100% a freight killer
  2. get well soon glad to see you getting the respect you well deserve
  3. keep them coming anker great post
  4. good to see some of the local kids. if all goes well i miss be posting a few this week. mad props to anker for the cool pics. keep them coming
  5. sad to heear about this. this dude gets mad respect i hope he get well so i can continue to catch his new freight for years to come
  6. crow ices and damn was that 2 3 or 4 ich pieces or more damn this guy has popped up real fast the last year or so. or at least in my city keep em coming
  7. damn there was so many fuckin sweet ones i lost track
  8. kerse and ich all i got to say
  9. saw a bunch of stuff i have never seen before
  10. great set i have also benched there a time or two
  11. great set saw some really old stuff on here i can only hope my shit last that long
  12. my advice is layers upon layers of clothes and a GOOD pair of boots and gloves.
  13. love the autoracks tons of god stuff in this one keep em coming
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