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  1. Quick interview with ZEM i2i, proformed by me, Marlboro man. First and Foremost, What do you write and what crews do you affiliate yourself with? I'm Zem im in a bunch of crews. i2i is a very old Philadelphia crew, enlisting some of Philadelphia’s finest. Can you shed some light on the history of the crew; who started it and from what section of the city you were coming from? met gave me and ready the squad.but its a older crew going back to the 80's Who where your influences growing up? Who did you see up the most? Razz law1 ohze proper am and ab kair sat and praez Philadelphia can be a pretty wild place, any good chase/action stories? tons,in 99 step and i where routing whyoming ave. and got shot at then chased by d.t.;s cause they thought we were doin the shooting. Have you ever painted outside of the U.S.? How does it compare to getting up in the U.S.? I painted in Prague Czech rep. they had a good scene there. taipei is also got a good scene goinbut its almost all kids from the states.none the less taipei was super fun. What’s your favorite spot that you’ve hit? Or place to go paint? Transit any city Do you have a preferred paint brand/caps or markers you like to use? the kind i push out in a shopping cart What’s your preferred surface to paint (concrete, brick, steel…)? paint lloks great on glass and of course steel. It’s the 21st century, there’s an easy accessibility to high quality European paint, pre-made markers and inks, caps, magazines, videos etc. How do you feel about that? i like euro paint most of its good quality.caps,idont think i ever payed for caps you just gotta know where to look.and i have some train videos. This brings me to the big one, graffiti on the internet: good/bad, both? (I mean as far as this interview goes, seems the internet and graff work together) neccecery evil How do you feel about the state of graffiti in Philadelphia in 2010? Personally I see a throw back in kids just wanting to tag, and bring the oldest Philadelphia tradition back. To me it’s almost to the point where kids who do fill-ins and pieces could be callin’ them “new Yorkers” – referrin’ to style. Is high level painting missing in Philadelphia? see we are lucky.we have the orange line tunnels.you can still film and see tags from the 60's no other city has that,nyc has old tags too.but i feel like they where down there painting trains.philly we just figured its another route to walk,just below ground. Who have you seen putting in work in Philadelphia in the 21st century? ohze is relentless,kid,screw,curve,a few others Is graffiti something you see yourself doing forever, 75 catchin’ that comeback slam with futuristic laser paint? Or something you can put away, forever? i'll always be into graff,active or not. If you could paint any spot without getting bagged, where would it be? ready and i already hit it the back of the billboard comin over the bridge. or maybe the entire entrance and exit to the 5th st, tunnnel What currently active writer’s work (the world over) are you feelin’ right now? horfe from paris,optimist,rime,jurne,a few more Anything you wanna say to the toys reading this thinking about getting started doin’ graffiti? dont Shout outs? im more the silent type
  2. Found in Jimmy Hoffa endzone cemetery super-thread
  3. BUMP BRINGINPHILLYBACK funniest idiot on this thread since the myth the man the legend WAR2 I kind of wish dude was actually someone legit and respected in philly graff, then maybe people would respect his opinion. But talking wreck-less shit on people whp put in work, some greats included only clowns the dude more than he could clown anyone anonymously on 12oz // Dude is so silly he's hard to address, can't talk to him straight, can't get a straight answer,, ahh 12oz. Bump "toy" graffiti..heres some stolen photos, first ones juspix's, had to share this one. This estro piece is soooooo TOY why am I even posting it? (juspix's) ShermHI's photo Glock45's photo
  4. then why are you so afraid to state your name?
  5. 1 of my fav pics i took, from the same same spot
  6. On that ERX piece: Simply put, ERX isn't a "toy", there are ERX tags still living older than how long MOON has been writing. That ERX piece is a classic example of early philadelphia letters, anyone who knows this cities tradition(s) can see that, and to clip a MOON piece (who is not the be all end all of pieceing (no diss tho, i do fuck with some of dudes work)) under a bridge that gets painted every weekend by someone new isn't TOY either, esp. if dudes and old head, would you go over a duck straight cause it looked "toy", No. Sorry for the chittchatt 00.02¢ Found next to DEVA tags which he dated circa mid-80's
  7. IN NY THREAD Caem, middle under katsu, Looks like harlem, no?
  8. ^bahahaha what an idiot. (not you injury) more alaska graff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noahPzcMG1c&feature=player_embedded#! ^BASE catchin tags in Anchorage
  9. ^ straight bite off the sire/won pieces in philly, but can't hate on dudes puttin' in work...
  10. ^ don't bother, you'll always suck at it ^
  11. is this puffy paint? it kinda looks like yellow white out
  12. found this on the tracks the other day, not sure if its HA KIW
  13. Gotta bump up this Bert. Vicious! RL's photo
  14. ^ no mr. officer, its crew b.o.n.e.r. Bombin On Niggas Entities Repeatedly Squad.
  15. %100 off discount photos from the internet
  16. F L Y E R S F L Y E R S F L Y E R S
  17. juspix's photo but this what you gotta love bout philly graff, history and tradition, these tags are probably older than most old school writers in other cities.. Can anyone give me a line up on this? I see rack obviously, then ?? and JC? maybe?
  18. sometimes i think this is a bad idea cause it might get the kid to cross out an old dane tag still livin' if he isn't told the real deal ^ though i see i seems it has been dealt with according to TEB ^
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