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  1. Thinkin bout gettin a 9mm, was lookin at 226's, Glock 17/19's and Springfield XD , the XD is like half the price of the glock and the sig anyone know if they are any good? cause i was leanin towards that..
  2. Old school philly that I scanned from Espo's The Art of Getting Over
  3. "Went to Saudi and i sat with the scholars and they told me one thing you can' get back is time, lo ends and the cops closin in and you still slingin crack, you runnin' outta time" I know people don't like youtube videos posted in here but PhillyFreeway kills it.. http://thathustle.com/forums/showthread.php?t=182622
  4. ^^^^^^^seriously^^^^^^^ ???????????????????????????????
  5. got to love being american, THANKSGIVIN STAND UP Sweet potato pie Pumpkin Bread Spinach and mandarin orange Salad Turkey Stuffing Gravy Wine and Yuengling.
  6. LOL dude war2 is hard to understand with all the cock BEYOND his wisdom teeth.
  7. oh my god. cliff lee. roy halladay, roy oswalt and , cole hamels, gotta love to be a philly boy. goodbye jayson werth, hope the pay check is worth the bottom of the division.
  8. SUMET on the come up, that shit is nice...
  9. the stolen ones, old enoe sketches
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