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  1. Metro and Espo R5, now fully gone.. (by the buff) wish i didn't shrink this one back when i first saved it! this is gone too - wish i could have taken it Missing.. eventually got fully eatin..
  2. ... Like I said mad respect for SKREW, he is a legendary writer of our day, but this is philly, and i'd rather seen a philly writers dust tags in a window , than a burner, fillin in, straight letter from anybody not from philly.. ...... why does everyone gotta hug on so tight to skrews nuts too, his rep and skill speak for themselves, no one has to jump to his defense ... PHILLY (OVER) ANYBODY
  3. ^^^^^^ Get the fuck outta here with that nonsense you homothug - where are you from - obviously not from here - so why don't you move on with the herd, herb Mad respect for SKREW, but I'll be damned if i'd rather see anything by him over any older philly writer - fuck outttttaherre - 5 years, motha fucka said 5 years, lol hop off his johnson
  4. ^^Dayum - that is a nice picture, RIP IDEO^^ That DUB shot up there is real nice too
  5. Big ups to my man GANE... STOLEN FROM ANOTHER THREAD
  6. Marlboro Man.


    newest additions I'm now carrying this one everyday and this joint is in the mail Emerson mini a-100 satin finish plain edge
  7. are you serious, will all you lil girls shut the fuck up and post pix, THIS ONE IS BANGIN BUMP
  8. thats a cool but sad flick - go look at that block now - nothin but empty lots at the corners - to think tehre used to be a museum there with a sick ass buildling like that from 1893 - crazy
  9. Marlboro Man.


    here is some of from my stash I would get the full flat ground delica, i rock that usually everyday and this thing is SCARY sharp, straight up shaved hair better than my gillette when i first got it, but now its cut enough dry wall and other shit that its not shaving sharp and I'm not sure how to sharpen it back to its original edge heres a pic of it compared to my first custom, which is made by a dude name Michael Morris outta michigan - its made from an old file and the exposed tang is a bottle opener ^ Full flat ground delica ^Custom Friction folder ^Esee Izula ^Gerber Freeman, fixed
  10. go to any small pizza joint on the corner who puts a fresh piece of meat on the grill for you, and doesn't take it from the pile thats re-juiced with waterd down oil... even them cart dudes downtown are alright sometimes IMO.. (comin from a dude who eats a lot of cheesesteaks) Treasure hunt: a cookie for anyone who can tell me where this is and who made it? Tax got me last time with a picture! put that was this to find this simple pic..
  11. It comes from bumping a picture up to the front page from the depths of a thread.. for example.. BUMP this from page 973 (not too far back I know) but kids just say it all over the place nowadays as a , its kinda like, when you "like" something on facebook or youtube
  12. Only link I clicked on a handful of pages and this was worth it. I've said it from the git'go, FUCK BANSKY
  14. The white album First Beatles album I ever (bought) & listened too when I was little
  15. Gotta bump this up to a new page, the flow in this is FRESH Tsu "swim club" ready for summer LOL and nice sig RALPH
  16. ^^get that weak mexican shit out of here, no one gives a fuck about the new Toy Kids On the block music video^^
  17. Marlboro Man.


    Gerber freeman folder in black s30v or CRK sebenza if you've got $400 to blow lol
  18. spike!!! bump to the next page!!!!!!
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