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  1. Electric Mayhem PM me if you didn't get my email. I just looked through this entire post, needless to say....I likes. A ton of gems. I got a lot of those too EM, it's nice to see how far and wide these trains travel. I need to hit more holy rollers though, because it seems like they journey alot. Peace from the Bay Area, keep it up man. And I am definately gonna frequent this thread.
  2. left hand styles?^^ Keep doing your thing thommy boy
  3. Mike you're a savage. Ru in the bay? Pvt me.
  4. So I haven't been on this thread for a while, actually I've not been on 12oz as much as anymore, because of school/work. But I want Chek to holler at me, and when you get back we'll have to hit some metal again. Peace mang, and be safe.
  5. goodwill, salvation army, any second hand store would be good bets, but you'd have to dig and it would more than likely be used and have 20 year old semen stains on it.
  6. That was me and listen youngin, you're* the kid I have hair on my nuts that's probably older and not to mention much more intellegent than you. I have a wonderful life where I work and go to college and fuck bitch every now and then, but you wanna know what make my life worth living; puttin dumb fucks like you in your place. BTW you don't know shit about fuck, so stop tryin to act like you do.;)
  7. oops I think that comment was best suited for the last page which i though i was posting for. Fuggitho.
  8. Cardboard canvas' son...for a school project..madd hippy hopper, with a skating board to keep it on the street level. WURD. Oh yeah and fuck yeah waffles with strawberries and whip cream like all those forgotten hung over nights @ IHOP. Lightbulb. 12oz IHOP field trip?
  9. Do you hav disdik? What is Disdik? He said this DICK motha fucka!?! RIP homie
  10. Re: Don't Call it Frisco Hells yeah 2007 ahead of our time! I just put up a 2007 earlier on a train, little things like that make me smile. :)
  11. I got that issue although the cover ripped and some gaymo coloered on the first table of contents page. It's pretty haggard, but holds tons of sentimentle value.
  12. "Dear Gam3, Shhhhhhhhh. Forever. Signed, 12oz." :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :o :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: That was a quote from a mod I believe KING OF HELL when Ghey3 wanted to make a emo thread sticky fucking poo pusher. Don't just quit 12oz, quit life; remember down the road, not across the street.
  13. Just so you know about half this shit isn't the left coast. Plus there's already a west coast trainzzz thread.
  14. Dude I know that beezie in the middle, well not really know her know her but I totally jacked it in her window the other night. Naw for cereal though i know that cunt waxer. /nostalker EBPH Good going she mos definately would get a funnel in the poop poop doop. Oh and I went to best buy today and I went up to hella peeps that worked there and asked if they knew if you were working today. I guess you weren't there probably another store or something. Anyways hit a chigga up one tine.
  16. God damn you guys should go out more often, there are a lot of females wondering the world these days. Not dissin Ink you are a cutie, but I'm tired of these clowns acting a fool, like they forgot they could turn off the 12oz and go get a girl in the scary real world.
  17. ...um...insomia sucks...bad. Try eating like a whole batch of some strong special brownies, that usually does the trick for me.
  18. Re: Don't Call it Frisco No. Actually Chek loves new shoes.
  19. This shit's hilarious. I wanted to quote something, but there's just too much. Highly recomended read.
  20. WOW all I can say is Fiiiiiyah. I especially like the arrow e like i'm out son mad hippityhop. You've perfected your craft please move on to another subculture. Seriously please! And I know everyone starts somewhere, but at the same time if you don't post where you've started from; you won't get clowned.
  21. Let's Go Oakland! FUCK THE TIGERS, THE RED WINGS, EVEN THE LIONS TOO! Stick to making cars. Sorry I had a full days worth of haterade in just that one comment.
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