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  1. ADEL


    defines the this thread.
  2. ADEL


    BUMP, PurpleNerple ... still killin` it.
  3. ADEL

    Paris Grime

    this thread has been wettin` my shorts for a while, and I don't think its stoppin anytime soon. :)
  4. YEAH!! hav'nt seen any good horfe since the o'clock thread was back alive.
  5. ADEL


    you got some good posts lateley.
  6. ADEL


    fuckin purplenurple knows how it goes down. clean ass rollers is how it's done. I need to get me ass on here more!
  7. ADEL


    bump! hot ass rollers.
  8. ADEL


    :D what it do! got some s.u.k heads in this post, just a little one. keep postin quality everyone. ahh I gotta get on more. -peace.
  9. ADEL

    Ici Montréal

    bump scaner, the mans shittin` style!
  10. ADEL


    lol, as had been said so many times before. :D I hav'nt been home alot lately and when I am I don't go on tyhe internet so I should be getting alot more on here as the time comes. looks like this thread has finally been picking up, :cool: , lol. did'nt it get like 5 pages the first day purple nerple made this, ah yeahh. well I got a big s.u.k post coming up and I'll try and get somemore good shit. when I have time tho. -peace.---- R.I.P steve Irwin
  11. ADEL


    lol, so true, I've only been on the forums a couple times this summer, lol. Later this year I'll be on alot more.
  12. ADEL


    YES! finally someone else posted. lol. we gotta get this bitch back on the tracks.
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