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  1. they didnt kick out the mall i was there the other day in WORKMENS
  2. fuckyoutoo

    Spray Paint

    wrong thread peace
  3. i heard that german caps dont fit on RUSSTOLEUM cans is this true hit this thread up if you know peace
  4. fuckyoutoo

    Spray Paint

    ive heard that german caps wont fit on them is that true and is there any other tip that wont work on it
  5. yes.....its not a hallucination
  6. you are the worlds biggest idiot its called a streak what you do is buy two colors split them in half put two different colors together and WALA' you get a two colored streak
  7. how do u get a uni to be real drippy???????
  8. has anyone used these before.....if you have are they any good? post some pics of the tags you've done if you have the marker check this link
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