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  1. My boy just put out this edit.
  2. Wait, so Blood Fart gave you AIDS??
  3. Few others manage to be as innovative whilst still maintaining solid letter structures. Smash every time.
  4. Yo Crime I'm gonna be in Copenhagen for Christmas and New Year if you're around? I see you managed to get your Danish citizenship sorted, good on ya!
  5. Ha I'm actually getting it pretty regularly right now, I'm just a scumbag. Also girls who are just hot enough to fuck but not hot enough to show off to your friends or in fact be proud of in any way tend to be the ones you can get to do all the disgusting shit normal girls won't.
  6. smash whole page. Then have a LONG shower.
  7. I thought the ending was going to be that Pluto got sucked in by the sun's friendliness/gravitational pull and then got burned alive and disintegrated. I'm not really disappoint, the book was still cool, but I think that would have made a funnier ending.
  8. Sisters, apart from the middle one who's the mum..
  9. I just spent the last 24 hours with a girl watching the entire second season of game of thrones and fucking between each episode. I don't know if that qualifies for this thread, but it was pretty damn good.
  10. Meh. Not really feeling it. Dude has terrible colour combos and over complicates his pieces to make up for his poor letter construction.
  11. i eat babies


    As much as NB are the all time famous white guy shoe, I have a pair that have lasted 2+ years and are still going strong. That's not to say they are my first pick of shoes, but they do aight for painting or other non descript events. I have never owned any other pair of shoe that has lasted this long.
  12. I keep playing this song just before I sleep after hectic nights out. Seems to calm me down.
  13. Pretty much. Give him something to fucking update about. For once.
  14. This is bouncing in perfect time to the tune I'm listening to right now.
  15. Great show, but it really loses what makes it so special about half way through season 2 in my opinion. After you find out who the killer is and the show focuses on all the other sub-plots it kind of gets a bit boring. I found myself just watching to be polite.
  16. French telecom kitten adverts? Not Nonsense.
  17. Probably true. Although I kind of wish it was the other way round.. TBM has photos they took themselves stuck on their walls.
  18. Indian nerds are no different from any other nerds. Maybe just a little stinkier. I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually just studying.
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