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Everything posted by snowbound

  1. not to be a dick man, but dont you straight bite REI21?
  2. just bought a moped..put a kit on that bitch!
  3. bump owl, but nobody smashes boston these days bump the ichabod tag up there randomly. not sure why that swampy is in here. big kaes
  4. the xpert from the last page is a gem
  5. bz and the other go-hards in that shot.
  6. dude has solid tags
  7. but who is a virgin these days really?
  8. leave out the political commentary, because these flicks are cool!
  9. too bad you missed the elk to the left of the AEST near the top.
  10. damn the flood line in that tunnel is pretty crazy
  11. dude needs to clean up his room if he wants classier chicks.
  12. kids don't even know. I wish he would do that on a wall.
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